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A classic telling of a superhero who also happens to be your long lost twin siblings. The story has plenty of action, romance, and justice. This game gives your choices value and has great writing. One criticism of the game, however, would be how linear the plot is. The story’s writing is great until you keep running into the same scene ten times. No matter what, you’ll always end at the same place, with maybe a few things changed at the end. I wouldn’t buy this for $5.99, but it’s still a good game nonetheless.

Not worth the price.

There's nothing inherently wrong with the game. The choices felt like they mattered which is always important, and you really got to craft how your character felt, which should be done more. I just feel like the plot wasn't engaging enough to warrant the high price of 6$. It felt too linear, predictable.

So fun!

I hope to see more from this writer.

Very Well Written; Only One Real Flaw

Out of all the COG I've played; this one is by far the one with the least "railroad" feel to it. It's very refreshing. The basic plot points are there- clearly- but there's so many options with different outcomes that lead you to the next point. It makes replays much more enjoyable. Leading to point #2... There's SO MANY achievements. I LOVE to (attempt to) unlock all of the achievements in a COG. I've played through so many times and still haven't found the keys to unlock them all. Which leads to my final point. My greatest, and really only, issue with the story is the Stats. They don't do much and after a number of replays I'm still not 100% sure how to play them to get what I'm aiming for achievement wise. Honestly a few choices are made at the start and then the stats just sit there. I don't mind having to work to achieve my desire stat to get an achievement but it's very difficult in this game.

Please make another!!

The game is amazing, it has a great story with plenty of twists and turns. I would love to see more by this author.

Excellent Choice game

I've played a large number of CoG titles, and this one is one of the most responsive--a surprising number of things will change based on your choices, and even in what other games would be critical failure states that require a restart, you are instead given alternate scenes that still allow you to continue and make a comeback. Worth replaying to see just how much variability there is!

Hero and the Reporter

Greetings Programs! I love this game. I have bought most of this company's games. There have been a few misses, but this game brings the standard back up to par and then some. It is well worth the money to buy. End Of Line

easily one of the best CoG

This game has it all: vivid characters, dynamic plot, carefully detailed choices with plenty of replay value, rich worldbuilding. The idea of separate "issues" as chapters was clever, and the epilogue was one of my favorite sequences ever. The romances were much more subtly and realistically written than usual (particularly the choice of sexual orientation - there's no clunky screen where you pick your preferred gender, it just weaves itself into the narrative). I also loved that there was an option for asexual characters that continued to influence how the MC viewed other characters without dictating them, instead of either being a throwaway line or putting an end to romance altogether. The only very minor issues I came across were a few instances of railroading, as well as some of the more fantasy-ish elements ringing a little false in the mostly realistic setting. Really, though, the fact that I even noticed these issues showed how immersive and real this world felt most of the time. Simply put, the game made me care about each character and their world, in a way few others have achieved. An excellent achievement.

Really good!

Well written with good replay value.

It's okay.

I've played a few CO games before, and this one... well, it's kind of what you'd expect. The superhero format works well with CO games, so the plot generally makes sense. Pros: Interesting plot, and it changes a little to make sense and allow you to make some pivotal choices, which is nice. It is done well it the CO format. It's clear the author has experience with this kind of thing, and the story feels cohesive. It never really felt like the game was forcing me to do or think something, but rather set me up to think what the game wanted, and never told me how I felt. The action sequences are variable enough based on what you did beforehand, which is nice. If you screw up and get captured by a super villain the game gives you a chance to escape their hold, rather than just killing you outright. Only once felt like there was no way any stat build could have survived the current situation, and that one time they end up deus ex machina-ing you out no matter what you do for some character development, so you're free to be as good or bad at most things as you want. Cons: It's sometimes unclear which stat you use for what. Is stealth an agility check or a shadowy check? Is a head butt a prowess or resolve check? Stats in general are kind of vague. I'm not sure if the style stats do anything, and it's alright if they're there for reference, but at least tell us. Masquerade is a good idea (how well you keep suspicion at bay) but I'm pretty sure it never comes into play. Stats are imbalanced. Prowess is used for all of fighting, and agility for stealth. If you have those two, you don't really need any others. I'm pretty sure the game never checks your resolve, technical know-how is used to disarm a bomb and... maybe something else? I've never had a problem with low charisma... maybe I'm wrong, and all these are used plenty, but the game doesn't tell you. Consequences are low. I respect a game that can go, "you done goofed!" And nerf an important stat or something, and this game really doesn't do that. The characters don't get much development. Your character does get some, and plenty of other characters are kind of complex, but they didn't really develop over the course of the game. 4 stars for a good, well-executed plot, but loses a star for the "game" element being convoluted and low-stakes.

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